1. game Oberliga Nordwest

SV Lingen – HSK Lister Turm

After wining Landesliga we started to play Oberliga where we also have big chances to win.

Our first 2 boards Perunovic and Kveinys could not play which was not pleasant for us, but we had luck because HSK Lister Turm also lacked 2 boards; 2nd and 4th.

I lost very quicky because I made few very bad moves and lost, but the match was not lost because Epishin made a draw, Gutman won and Heiko made an important draw with much stronger opponent (2281), so we had 2:2 in this moment. Danilo Milanovic had many chances to win but unfortunately he made a draw. Aleksandar had completely winning position (+7) but he didn‘t see it because of Zeitnot and he agreed for a draw. It was 3:3 when Kollen won and we started leading for the first time in this match. Everything was depending on Gazic Josip. His game was very interesting and he succeeded to win in totally lost position after refusing a draw. We won 5:3 and everything fell into place even after my terrible loss.

Jovana Miljkovic